Cotton Bacon V2.0

Cotton Bacon V2.0 by Wick N’ Vape is the first ever wick material designed specifically for vaping and not for cosmetic use.  Furthermore,  you get the highest purity and best possible juice-flow when using Cotton Bacon for your wicks.


Our V2 edition has just pushed the performance up even higher.
It has undergone an extra process to eliminate all natural cotton oils. Therefore, it has no break in period and it’s a little more absorbent and heat resistant than the V1.

  • Pure Bacon: Packed in a clean-room and then sealed in a re-sealable bag that ensures it stays clean.
  • Working Bacon: Contains no pesticides, chemicals or natural oil. It is extremely absorbent and heat resistant.
  • Economic Bacon: Each bag contains 10 pieces of cotton and will produce wicks for up to 80 atomisers.
  • Low – Ohm Bacon: The large fibres of Cotton Bacon are superbly suited for low-Ohm vaping and minimises dry hits.
  • Bacon Total: More capacity and amazingly pure taste!


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