Blackcurrant – Vampire Vape 10ml


Vampire Vape Blackcurrant.

A full juicy sweet Blackcurrant flavour just like the Blackcurrant chews.

Choose from:  0mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg.

Select nicotine strength.

See description below for full details and more flavour options.

Choose any 3 for £10. Free delivery on all orders.




Blackcurrant – Vampire Vape 10ml

A full juicy sweet Blackcurrant flavour.  Blackcurrant – Vampire Vape 10ml is just like the Blackcurrant chews.

Choose from:  0mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg.

PG/VG ratio for nicotine strengths:
0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg  – 60PG/40VG

Other Vampire Vape flavours

All of the 10ml Vampire Vape flavours below are £4 each or any 3 for £10. Take a look at the other flavours we stock. Click on the links to view.


Mint/Menthol/Cooling Flavours:

Spearmint – Spearmint chewing gum.
Ice Menthol – Minty and cooling.
Peppermint Rock – Sweet peppermint.
Berry Menthol – Mixed berries with menthol crystals.
Black Ice – Black Jack and ice menthol.
Attraction – Red berries, fruits with menthol.
Cool Red Lips – Sweet cherries and menthol.
Heisenberg – Fruity with a cool crystal sensation.
Dawn – forest fruits  (perfect for Heisenberg lovers!).


Mostly Fruity Flavours:

Tropical Island – Juicy exotic fruits.
Strawberry – Classic strawberry.
Pineapple – Tropical pineapple.
Strawberry Kiwi – Kiwi & Strawberry blend.
Vamp Toes – Mixed berry (think Vimto).
Cherry Tree – Wild cherries.
Blackcurrant – Sweet blackcurrant.
Applelicious – Sweet + Sour apple.
Blueberry – Sweet blueberries.
Pinkman – Fruit medley.
Watermelon – Light & juicy watermelon.
Raspberry Sorbet – Tangy raspberries.
Dusk – Pink raspberry lemonade fizz.


Sweets/Desserts/Drinks Flavours:

Sherbet Lemon – Tangy and fresh.
Banoffee Pie – bananas + toffee.
Rhubarb & Custard – Creamy custard & rhubarb.
Parma Violets – Like the retro sweets.
Bubblegum – Fruity bubblegum.
Black Jack – Black Jack flavour.
Pear Drops – Sweet pear.
Bat Juice – Fruity berries + aniseed.
Strawberry Milkshake – Creamy milk and strawberry.
Energy – Strong energising flavour.


Tobacco flavours:

Smooth Weston – Smooth tobacco.
Sweet Tobacco – Light tobacco with a hint of sweetness.


Manufactured by – Vampire Vape

“Vampire Vape was established in 2012 with only 12 flavours, we are now a multi award winning e-liquid manufacturer, based in Blackburn, United Kingdom, with customers across the world who enjoy vaping our e-liquids. We are a trusted brand with thousands of loyal customers who expect only the highest quality of e-liquid, we create a vast array of unique flavours which we are constantly being adding to on an ongoing basis using customer feedback and suggestions which is at the heart of everything we do.”

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